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The barbaric Janjaweed have returned to the Central African Republic

Their mission?? To kill elephants and kidnap children to sell as sex slaves

Janjaweed (actual photo). The literal translation is devils on horseback.

Photo credit: Espen Rasmussen photo from Dabanga TV and seen elsewhere on the internet

At one time (1977) the northern part of the Central African Republic was the home to 35,093 known elephants. In 2017 (this year) only 10 elephants are known to be in CAR.....just 10

During March and April of 2017 a wildlife survey, conducted by Wildlife Conservation Society and Ecofaune Project,was undertaken in our Area of Operation (AO) in northern Central African Republic (CAR). Two airplanes systematically surveyed 24,578 sq. miles.

Meanwhile Rangers working for ACFR used vehicles to conduct a separate wildlife survey in the north eastern part of CAR (which AWI took part in). The Rangers extensively canvassed many remote villages in north eastern CAR talking to Bushmen about the wildlife populations they have observed. In late May, Rangers found Bushmen who reported seeing 10 elephants in our AO. THESE ARE THE ONLY ELEPHANTS THAT WERE FOUND DURING BOTH SURVEYS. As far as we can tell this could very well be the only elephants remaining in northeastern CAR……10 Elephants~!!!

The rainy season has drawn to a close in the Central African Republic, and with that comes the dry season when poaching ramps up into yet another blood thirsty war on elephants and innocent little kids. On 16 November we received actionable intelligence that 100 Janjaweed* rebel-poachers have arrived in north eastern CAR. They came from neighboring Sudan, heavily armed, riding horses and camels. The lives of innocent little village kids, and the lives of very possibly the last 10 elephants in northern CAR now hang in the balance. African Wildlife Initiative is working day and night to raise $187,000 to return to CAR with an airplane to start counter poaching patrols. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION RIGHT NOW. Any amount will help. Help us help them. Let’s make this a team effort……..We can only do it with your support.

*The Janjaweed is responsible for the 2003-2004 Darfur, Sudan genocide where 400,000 people were killed and 2.3 million were displaced.

Help us save little kids like this from the barbarianism of the Janjaweed

This poor child was kidnapped by the LRA who operate in our Area Of Operation. The LRA cuts the ears, lips and the noses off of their sex slaves and some of their child soldiers

A baby elephant morns the loss of its mother, killed by rebel rebel poachers

(And yes we understand that this photo is of an Indian elephant...but it still happens in Africa)

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