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Project Phases on The Dark Continent

This photo from outer space shows Europe and Africa at night. While people in the United States and Europe take electricity for granted, that is not so in Africa. Why?? Because, as this photo shows there is no electrical power grid or power generation facilities for 99+% of  the African continent......... it is in the dark at night.

The small star on the map shows the location of the Central African Republic. There is no electricity, period~!!


            It truly is The Dark Continent 

2021-08-02 013.JPG

    African Wildlife Initiative

  Phases of Operation


Phase I---Completed April 2017

  • Hired 12 Rangers from the northern region of CAR

  • Rangers are currently on the Ecofaune Project payroll to guard the FOB and for interdiction of poachers in the immediate area of the Forward Operating Base.  They have no transportation at this time so their Area of Operation is very limited


Phase II—Completed May 2017

  • Rangers were used to rebuild the old hunting camp of Fo to use as a Forward Operating Base (FOB) for counter poaching operations

  • Built a 1,500 ft  x 120 ft airstrip near the FOB

  • Opened up some of the old tracks

  • Reestablished mineral licks to bring animals back to the area

 Phase III---November 2022 --- March 2023 and continuing forward

  • Build an Orphans Home near the capital City of Bangui

    • Starting capacity will be 200 children with provision for       immediate expansion

    •  Provide three meals a day for each child

    • Provide sleeping accommodations, boys separated from girls

    • Provide medical treatment

    • Provide clean clothes

    • Provide clean water and sanitation facilities

    • Provide a Fairh-Based education curriculum through high school

    • Provide vocational education curriculum for high-school aged children

    • This orphan’s home is where AWI will send child sex slaves and child solders that are rescued from terrorists until these children can be reunited with their families, if at all possible

    • There are 2,000+ orphans living on the streets of of the capital city, Bangui, at this time.  AWI will “recruit” some of these children for the orphan’s home.  

    • Total funds needed for Phase III, to build and operate the orphan’s home for one year: $220,000


Phase IV---November 2022 --- and continuing forward

  • Counter Poaching, Child Rescue Operations and Filming a documentary of our mission

  • AWI’s has a new Piper PA-18 Super Cub that we will use in this mission.

  • The Super Cub will be used for:

    • MEDIVAC operations for local villagers and Rangrs (a four hour flight to the hospital in Bangui or a five day drive)

    • Search & Rescue

    • Aerial Reconnaissance

    • Resupplying the Ranger Forwad Operating Base

    • Wildlife Surveys

    • Transporting rescued children to a children's home (a five hour flight)

  • Establish and Implement Security Protocols in AWI’s Area of Operation

  • Continue training existing 12 Rangers

  • Recruit and train 10 additional Rangers

  • Conduct Counter Poaching and Child Rescue Operations

  • Provide medical assistance to local villagers including emergency MEDIVC with the Super Cub to the nearest hospital in Bangui.

  • Total funds needed for the first year of operation for Phase IV: $1,325,000.   



Phase V---Starting November 2024--and continuing forward

  • Water Well Drilling Program

    • Purchase a cable tool water well drilling rig, mounted on a 6x6 truck, in the USA and ship it, along with a support truck, to Doula, Cameroon where they will be driven 1,500 miles to AWI’s Area of Operation (AO) in the Central African Republic 

    • Implement a water well drilling program in AWI’s AO which will include teaching local villagers about good hygiene and proper sanitation to help avoid diseases, and how to operate the drill rig

  • Starting with the 12 villages in the immediate AO, drill water wells and install hand-operated well pumps.  The goal is to drill seven (7) water wells a year and install hand pumps

  • Expand this drilling program to other villages in AWI’s vast, 20,000 sq mile Area of Operation 

  • Total funds needed for Phase V: $750,000

Ababari Village_edited.jpg
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