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Aid Workers Killed in Central African Republic (on the N.W. border with Chad)

This is becoming an all too familiar headline from the Central African Republic (CAR), and as a result many aid organizations are pulling back from the remote areas of the CAR to the relative safety in the capital city of Bangui….which is tragic in the very least. They are pulling back when and where they are needed the most.

In a completely separate incident, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has pulled all of its operation out of the CAR bush town of Bangassou (located in the center of the country) and back to Bangui where it is safe. Quoting from their web site: “Today, the 30 children under five who were in intensive care in the Bangassou hospital will not be seen by doctors or nurses. The 26 [additional] patients in urgent need of surgery will be left in their beds……” (Emphasis mine)

While, I freely admit that MSF has saved lots of lives in war torn countries, many of these patients in Bangassou died as a result of their staggering callous disregard for these poor unfortunate people. Why were these patients not transported to the hospital in Bangui on a UN flight...or in vehicles? And please…..don’t try to convince me that it could not be done~!! I have been there and I know what can be done if you put your mind to it......and especially with MSF's staggering amount of resources.

Think about this for a minute….to just walk away and completely abandon 30 children, who were in intensive care, that were younger than five years old ~!! Not to mention the 26 other patients in urgent need of surgery. To leave these people lying in hospital beds to die just so the MSF staff could go someplace safe……that is one of the most cowardly acts that I have ever heard of. I can’t help but wonder what God thinks of their cowardice. If you are wondering the same thing read Revelations chapter 28 verse 7…and please notice the first offense that is mentioned.

African Wildlife Initiative is ramping up to go the remotest part of northern and north eastern CAR where aid is desperately needed. As you know our primary mission is rescuing child sex slaves and child soldiers from the terrorist poachers during our Counter Poaching Operations.

However, AWI’s medic will also provide emergency medical treatment to local villagers in our Area of Operation. And using our recently donated airplane we will also MEDEVAC people in need of critical care to the hospital in Bangui.

Please make a donation to help us cover the expenses of our mission. Any amount will help. Simply click the PayPal button is on the right side of the screen. You can easily donate using only your credit card or debit card.

AFP• February 28, 2018

Bangui (Central African Republic) (AFP) - Unknown attackers have killed six (6) humanitarian workers including one from the United Nations children's fund UNICEF in the northwest of the Central African Republic, the UN said Wednesday.

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