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World Wildlife Day

In 1977 the northern part of the Central African Republic was the home of 35,093 known elephants. Between March and June of this year a very extensive and systematic wildlife survey was conducted in our Area of Operation, using two aircraft outfitted with mission specific equipment. This aerial survey lasted for 60 days. During that time a small Ranger team in one vehicle also took part in a 60 day survey. (As Director of Operations for African Wildlife Initiative I took part in a portion of this survey with the Rangers.) The Ranger team was eventually able to locate and interview several Bushmen who reported seeing 10 elephants, and these were the ONLY elephants that were counted in the entire survey. However, we are quite certain that there are more elephants in our Area of Operation that we were unable to find. (Please understand that the survey area is about the size of the state of Ohio.)

You must admit that the difference between 35,093 elephants know to exist in northern CAR and 10 is a truly staggering decline in population numbers…and all in the course of 40 short years~!!!

So on this very important day please make a donation to help us save the few remaining elephants in the Central African Republic from extinction. Help us give the elephants, and many other species, a fighting chance.

Simply click the PayPal button is on the right side of the screen. You can easily donate by only using your credit card or debit card.

This photo was taken in our Area of Operation in northern Central African Republic

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