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The Children, Con't.

Warning: A few of the following pictures might be considered graphic and offensive to some readers, but you must know the truth~!! So be brave and read on.


First of all, I want you to really get your arms around the truth about the child sex slave trade and the elephant poaching problem in Africa.  So you and I, for a few minutes, are going to set aside any semblance of a politically correct mantra while I tell you exactly what is going on, who the perpetrators are, why they do it, and call them exactly what they are. So sit down and get a hold of something because you and I are going to have a little chat.  Are you ready?  Good.  Here we go.

Elephant poachers are much more than elephant poachers, as if that is not bad enough in itself. The media calls them rebels. But the truth is that they are terrorists in the truest sense of the word. These terrorists are the most evil people that you could ever imagine, raiding the villages of good, innocent, hard working people that are just trying to survive in an extremely hostile environment. And raid doesn’t even begin to describe the horrific human atrocities that take place during one of their “raids”. They rape all of the women. They cut the noses and lips off of many of their captives. They kill the old men and old women, usually hacked to death with a machete to save ammunition. They capture the youngest girls and boys and sell them into the international sex slave trade markets. They force the young men into slave labor in mines that the terrorists have stolen from locals or they sell them as slaves to other equally evil terrorist groups. Some of the young boys (as young as eight (8) years old) are forced to become child soldiers of the group that kidnapped them. When children that are chosen for this they are usually forced to kill their own parents, most often with a club or machete. The kids are also sold as soldier slaves to other terrorist poacher groups. They are sexually molested repeatedly.

One of these terrorists’ favorite “tricks” is to sneak into a village on a Sunday while people are in church. Then they set fire to the church and shoot the people that come out or hack them to death with machetes…..the rest are burned alive. Now I don’t care what your religious beliefs are, or if you even have any...but you have got to admit that is one of the most unspeakable, heinous evils that you can dream of in your worst something you would imagine coming out of a “B” horror flick.


The number of children abducted in central Africa range from 30,000 (according to LRA Crisis Tracker / Invisible Children) to 66,000 according to a study conducted be the World Bank and released in 2000. And these figures only take into account the number of children abducted by Joseph Kony’s LRA. They do not take into account the thousands of children kidnapped by al-Shabaab, (a Somalia based militant group affiliated with Al-Qaeda); and Darfur’s Janjaweed (who killed 480,000 people and displaced another 3.2 Million); Boko Haram; and many others. The bottom line is that no matter which numbers you choose to believe, the loss of these children is truly staggering.


The terrorist groups operating in the Central African Republic (CAR) are:

The Janjaweed pictured above.  They have recently been rebranded by one of the new leaders of Sudan as the Rapid Support Force (RSF). The literal translation of Janjaweed is devils on horseback. They are the terrorists that are responsible for the ethnic cleansing in the state of Darfur, Sudan where they killed over 480,000 people (mostly Christians) and displaced 3.2 million more.  They are now targeting the eastern part of the Central African Republic…AWI's new Area of Operation (AO)

Then there is Joseph Kony with the unmitigated barbarianism of his LRA soldiers (which stands for Lord’s Resistance Army).  The LRA is now headquartered in a small bit of no-mans-land in Sudan right on the border with  the Central African Republic.  Kony, truly believes that he is the reincarnation of Jesus!  The United Nations estimated that the LRA has killed more than 100,000 people and kidnapped more than 60,000 kids over the previous 20 years to use, sell, and trade as child sex slaves and child soldiers.  That amounts to an average of a little more than eight (8) kids kidnapped every day for 20 years. 

Just during 2016 the LRA is responsible for 563 abductions in 171 attacks in the central Africa region, according to the LRA Crisis Tracker. And in the first 90 days of 2017 alone the LRA carried out 43 attacks on villages in the Central African Republic, kidnapping 147 children and young women to sell or use as sex slaves and child soldiers. 


There has been, and continues to be, many more little kids kidnapped every week to use and sell as sex slaves and child soldiers by the LRA


27 April 2023 data shows the following:  Armed groups perpetrated 223 attacks in the past 365 days, compared with 205 attacks in the previous 365 days. This represents an 8.8% increase in attacks. And armed groups perpetrated 90 killings and 85 abductions in the past 365 days compared to 73 killings and 47 in the previous 365 days. This represents an 23.3% increase in fatalities and a 80.9% increase in abductions.

Boko Haram (part of ISIS) who kidnapped 200 schoolgirls (and many others since then) in Nigeria.  Less than half of the school girls have been rescued.  Boko Haram has now moved into north western CAR. 

And there are other lesser known terrorist groups as well, some coming from neighboring Chad…the country that borders CAR to the north.

(Statistics are from the UN, Human Rights Watch, Invisible Children and our own intelligence assets with boots on the ground in CAR.  Just a cursory search of the internet will give you additional information on these terrorist groups.

So exactly what do these terrorists do with the children they kidnap?  Well….I will put it as nicely as I can….The boys they kidnap who are between the ages of about eight and into their teenage years are used as child soldiers.  When they do this the kids are usually forced by the LRA to kill their own parents…most often with a machete.   The younger boys and all of the girls, as young as one year old are then either used or sold as sex slaves.  With the kids that they keep for their own use, the terrorists often times cut off their ears, or their nose, or their lips or all three….as seen in the photos below.  The ones that are sold to sex slave traders are most often transported north across the Sahara Desert to the Mediterranean Sea.  The ones that manage to survive this arduous journey are then loaded on boats and transported to Europe or the mid east and sold again to sex slave owners, be they for private use or to brothels where these kids--boys and girls--are started on drugs and raped as much as 20 times a day until they die…at often a very young age.  The photos below are of some of the LRA's work:

​An extremely evil perversion prevails in the world today that is truly staggering in its scope....and the article linked     below is but just one more example of it.  The title of this headline article would make one think that this must have happened 500+ years ago,but it is dated 23 July 2014.


“ Hundreds of children are being kidnapped in Africa and brought to the UK for brutal voodoo rituals and to use as     sex slaves.”  a UN watchdog said………


With only a cursory search of the internet you can read about these and other terrorist organizations involved in this barbaric crime in the central Africa region. 

​ "​Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and keep oneself unspotted from the world."  James 1:27​   

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