TWO (2) PEOPLE, A $17,500 VALUE

The Odds Of Winning Are Very High~!!!…1 in 100.


For a minimum donation of $500 you will be entered in our drawing.  The Winner Will Be Drawn From Only 100 Donor Names~!!!


The drawing will be held at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA on 10 February 2018 at 12 noon Eastern

Standard Time.  You need not be present to win.  The winner will be contacted by phone as soon as their ticket is drawn. The drawing and the phone call to notify the winner will be videotaped and put up on our website.   Imagine the excitement of you getting that call~!!!


When the winner is drawn they will receive an email of the items that we suggest you bring.  We will also put you in touch with the Event Coordinator of African Wildlife Initiative.  He will be your go to person in the USA with any questions or concerns that you might have.


Because the drawing is 10 months ahead of your departure date, your flight and hotel reservations will be made as soon as the airlines and hotel will allow us to book them.  You will be notified of the reservation confirmation ASAP by email.  In the mean time the winner can stay in contact with AWI's Event Coordinator.


On 1 December 2018 you and another person of your choice will be flown from the International Airport closest to your home town (which provides scheduled flights to JFK in New York).  From JFK you will both fly to Casablanca, Morocco to change planes for your flight to the capital city of Bangui, Central African Republic (C.A.R.) 


At the airport in Bangui you will both be met by one of African Wildlife Initiative’s staff who speaks English.  You and your luggage will be taken to the OBangui Hotel in the city by private vehicle.  (Hotel reservation will be made for you).  The hotel has a restaurant.


After spending the night in Bangui you will be picked up at your hotel in the morning.  This is the time when you can get extra cash in the local currency from the local bank ATM machine using your US debit or credit card. (You can use this money to purchase souvenirs in the local village). You will then be taken to the airport by private vehicle for a flight to our camp in Bamingui, Central African Republic.  Bamingui is located in a very safe area of the central part of C.A.R.


At our base camp in Bamingui you will stay in a comfortable private house, complete with indoor plumbing, for six nights and seven days.  A private cook and housekeepers (who will also do your laundry) are provided and there is 24/7 security at our camp.


From Bamingui we will take you on daily adventures to the bush to view wildlife, the beautiful scenery and the flora from the safety of tree stands, and from AWI’s four wheel drive vehicles and AWI’s aircraft.  The photo opportunities will abound.  You will also have the opportunity to visit local villages for a chance to purchase local made crafts.  To insure your comfort, safety, and enjoyment you will both be accompanied by one of our professional trackers and security personnel at all times, at least one of them will speak English.  French is the language used by most people in C.A.R, along with the local dialect.  We encourage the winner to brush upon their high school French.  (We ask you to tip our staff in either the local currency or US dollars)


After your stay at our camp in Bamingui you will be flown back to Bangui where you will overnight at the hotel.  The next morning you catch a flight from Bangui to Casablanca, then on to JFK and to your airport of departure in your home state.


This is truly the chance of a lifetime, you will see places that only a very few westerners have ever seen.  Please enter.  Your donation will go towards helping to save elephants from extinction and save children from sex slavery in the north eastern part of C.A.R.